Meet Purrfect

This is the infamous cat.  The one I bought to help my hurting heart during my empty nesting experience.  My husband and boys werent in agreement with this decision as they will tell you how much they hate cats.  Yet, on a daily I will see them playing and snuggling and talking to her.  She has snuck into thier hearts.   I am completely in Love.  She has become the little girl I always wanted.   She has more clothes than alot of humans.  She is spoiled rotten.  That being said she has taught me alot about myself as Purrfect is alot like me.   She likes attention but only when she wants it.   When she is hungry the world stops.  She is sneaky and stubborn and selfish at times.   But she is loveable and likes people and is a creature of habit.

She is my furry twin.  My pet doppelganger.

It has been fun.  I dont regret it even though my wardrobe and furniture and home is covered in cat hair.


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