Created to be a night light

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Genesis 1:3  Then God said, “let there be light,”  and there was light.

God’s very words in the bible were to dispel darkness by creating light. Darkness is what you have until God speaks.   

How many of you remember singing  THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE?

I remember singing this as loud and proud.  Remember this part. Hide it under a bush OH NO!    I’m not sure If I truly understood what that meant until I was much older.  

I spent a long time sitting with one paragraph on my computer wondering what was wrong.  I was so sure that I would have these wonderful intelligent words just spill onto the page.   I knew what I wanted to say. I guess God was showing me It wasn’t about what I wanted to say but what HE wanted to say.   I got up one morning after going to bed frustrated because nothing was coming easily.  Lot’s of Bumps and detours along the way.   I had put my computer away wondering what I had gotten myself into. So I got up and started putting on my makeup and yep…he decides it’s time to speak.   And what he was saying to me wasn’t at all what I thought. In fact I wasn’t so happy that he was pointing things out in my own life. FIrst of all he said to me….Renee’ spend extra time on your Countenance this morning.   Hmmm…Strange.

He said.  You will see yourself once this morning but everyone else has to look at this all day long.     Yes God looks at our heart but PEOPLE look at our face. In fact they have done studies at Yale University about how a person with a pleasant countenance is proven to be chosen 30 percent more for employment.   Even people who are going through sentencing for a crime it’s been proven that Criminals with a pleasant Countenance received lesser sentences.

How will we push back the darkness in our world when we have a scowl on our face. Or we are fearful or full of anxiety.   Maybe we look angry all the time. How do people percieve us. Maybe we look prideful.

So after he spoke to me in the Mirror …we headed to my closet.     Ya I’m telling you it’s getting brutal. Most of you that know me well know I have a slight obsession with all things sparkly.   So as I was looking at what to wear for the day. I heard him say…Renee you know if you wore these Tonight they would look dim and dark.   Because Glitter needs to reflect light in order to be sparkly. What are we reflecting? How will we shine God’s glory if we aren’t spending time with him in order to reflect him.

I am enthralled by how all of this Black light stuff works.    Not everything glows. So  I was trying out the lights in our basement.  I plugged them in and bam….I couldn’t believe the stuff that glowed.   Some of which mortified me. DID YOU KNOW DUST GLOWS IN THE DARK?

So what I am getting at is….Sometimes when God pushes back the darkness and illuminates our lives.   He also shows us areas in our lives that we need to clean up or improve at.

Some stuff  has to be charged by the Black light in order for them to GLow. The more you put them by the light the brighter the glow.   But if you left them for a while they would start getting dimmer and dimmer. We need to be consistent with our time with the savior. If we don’t we get dimmer and dimmer.     We will lose our glow if we neglect to do the things we know please God but aren’t in our Daily planner or busy schedule. We have to charge our lives against the source. Its imperative to staying bright.   

Becoming a Christian isn’t just about adding a little Christ to all our other things.   

Paul Says in Roman 13:12  We were in Darkness now we are in light.

Let your lives be living proof of the things that please God.   The standard is not what other people approve of. Our culture which is surrounded by darkness should definitely not be the standard for right and wrong.

Traditions…Be careful you’re not doing something solely because its always been done this way or our parents did it this way.    We need to measure Right and Wrong by the Light…our source.

Are there things that you know you need to surrender because it is dimming your light.

Proverbs 4:18 The ways of the right living people Glow with light the longer they live the brighter they shine.  The road of the wrongdoer gets darker and darker travelers can’t see a thing and they fall flat on their faces.

I love this verse because It shows us right there….We are the shiny ones.   We need to be Night lights to our world around us. Encouraging and loving others.  Keeping them from falling on their faces.

So what’s the purpose of a Night light.   

1…It keeps us from stumbling when we get up at night.

2   It comforts us when we might be a little bit scared of the dark.

I’m pretty sure God is calling us to be Night light.    It’s our Job. And the one thing I surely noticed in all my research and study is that God isn’t suggesting to his people that they should  be the Light.

Let’s go back to my closet.   So everyone of us Has this box.    We have it taped and marked don’t open.   

We all have those someday clothes.  Someday I’ll get into this ….actually my husband has clothes in his closet that I’m pretty sure have been in there so long they are coming back into style.

SO Let’s unpack this box…..It’s not going to be fun.   I’m not talking about the Big SINs…

We all understand those….Pornagraphy, sexual imorality,addiction,adultery, lots more.   These are the sins that can Totally turn off your light. Most of us know that we have to get rid of those.   But let’s unpack some of the little things that dim your glow. What about Fear, anxiety, doubt, unbelief, anger, comparison, jealousy, pride, Negativity, pessimism.   Business selfishness. Maybe we are hiding behind a bad marriage, Maybe were not married and were hiding behind our singleness.

We all know our weaknesses.   In fact If I’m right you have all been up at this alter or spent countless times in prayer asking GOd to forgive you and take them away.

Then you box them up , tape it up and mark do not open.   But do we get rid of it. Nope we even revisit from time to time.       Seriously we need to THROW IT OUT. We need to give it to God and then THROW IT OUT.   Don’t even give it to Goodwill …Noone needs our hand me downs. Especially not our children or our friends.    If we don’t get rid of this eventually we will revisit that box.

I have one more story.   It’s about a family that really need to cut back on their energy bill so the Dad decided to start changing out the lightbulbs from 100 w to 75.  After a few days the families eyes adjusted. So he dropped it down to 60w. Same thing happened. Pretty soon he was down to mere 40w bulbs.   THe family didn’t even notice. Thier eyes adjusted and it didn’t seem like anything had changed at all. Until the daughter came home one day and said her friends asked her why her makeup was alot darker than usual.    The son came home from school and said he had wore one black sock and one Navy sock. They went out to a resteraunt one night and it was bright flourescent lighting. The dad looked down and he had a huge grease stain on his pants.   

Little by little we are missing things by dimming our light.   We might think nothing is different. But when we get in the light stuff starts coming into view.    Maybe we even stop being around people or choose not to be in church as much because we feel uncomfortable when the lights are bright.

My hope for you is that we could up the wattage in our life.     First we need to declutter. What are we holding on to that we need to just let go.



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