I’m a princess!!!!

pink white and purple light up disneyland castle
Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

“The King’s daughter is all glorious within” Psalm 45:13.
• …. • It does not say “The King’s daughter will be”—nor “when she is good enough”—nor “in heaven”—nor “trying to be.” In Christ, the King’s daughter IS all glorious within. Your identity was sealed at salvation. It is final!
I grew up in a Pastors home with the most amazing parents. My Dad was a man of God who lived out the words he spoke in his sermons. He heard Gods voice and loved our family and those around him selflessly and with his whole heart. I heard him tell his stories of overcoming abuse and abandonment and forgiveness and you could see Gods calling on his life and Ministry. Bbn
My Mom was amazing as well. She loved her family and her husband served them everyday tirelessly. She was a nearly perfect housekeeper, an incredible cook and amazing home manager. She also played concert piano and was my Dad secretary and personal assistant and in those roles would excell at everything she put her hand to. She also knew the word of God and served HIM with all her heart. I saw her help others in her community whenever someone needed her.

The problem was in my mind it created a unattainaible bar that I couldnt reach . I slipped into a world of striving to please which as we all know doesnt turn out well. I never developed my own relationship with the lord and found myself sliding on the coat tails of my parents. I would live with this feeling of if I couldnt measure up as a daughter of my earthly parents how would I measure up as a daughter to the God of the universe. I was a huge actress and I developed two character roles.

1. The Pastors daughter role…..cleaned up well ..church going…youth group leader..fine arts winner…Jesus praiser.

2. The searching daughter… follower…experimenter..liar…confused, lost, sad never measuring up, quitter. No identity try anything …people pleaser.

These two identities followed me until I was in my early 30s. I also added. Wife..and mother to these identities each would add one more mask to my already large collection and another rung to the ever growing assurance that I would never measure up. Even though I continually thought i heard God tell me I was made for more and Ministry was this calling I would shrug it aside as wishful thinking. I would never be the Super Woman my Mom was as I suffered trying to organize my messy house or cook a meal that wasnt burnt and someone would eat. I would cry and eventually crumble as I realized my marriage was nothing like my perfect parents. MY home was a wreck my from inside to out. Every day I would I would wake wishing it was my last. I didnt KNOW what God said about me and thought it was pretty much ridiculous to think he could make anything of me and ministry was almost laughable.

Fast forward to the present time……
A nervous breakdown a nearly failed marriage and rock bottem experience later which lead me to a full surrender to my Heavenly father which in turn begun my search for significance in his word. God became bigger to me. There is a great bit of wisdom in the Movie “prince Caspian ” one of th he Narnia movies. It the part where Lucy is reunited with Aslan after being gone for quite some time. She kneels down between his front paws and his head comes down close to hers and She says “Aslan your bigger” and he explain that’s because your bigger. As we grow more mature and spend time with him and experience life and begin to trust him God will become Bigger to us. So as I returned to the Lord and began to really study who He is and who he sees me as My God began to become huge to me. so stop here. This is where I begun to realize my story could be anyones…insert different masks , different insecurities, different relationships. I work with woman everyday with stories of hurt and comparison insecurities. My Ministry is to help hurting woman understand who God says they are. As we share life and they see God for who he is and who he can be in thier life God start to become bigger to them and they start to See themselves as God see them. When I begun to find out who I was in Christ and that I was truly a princess and daughter of a king it opened up a new life a renewed marriage and a ministry . I am not my parents….I am Renee…DAUGHTER of the king. I am exactly the way he made me to be …if I begin to doubt this I go back to his word and hear him speak Psalms 45 :13 over me and the confidence returns.

 What do we really believe about God. Is he just someone we have been told to Believe in. Or do deep down we think he can do miracles but not for us. Or maybe we just don’t know him because he is just a picture or a name in a song. JOB found himself needing Gods reassurance after devastating trials that would make any of our faith waver but God showed him how Big he was and how much he was in every detail of creation. He needed to be reminded of who GOD was  Job found his faith strengthened and renewed: “I know that you can do all things. . . . My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you” (Job 42:2, 5

The daughter of a King….not just any King. The Kings.

pink white and purple light up disneyland castle
Pho by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

He is with us always. Let’s crawl up on the lap of our Daddy and let him take away our fears or hurts. His love for us is unfathomable.

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