Fall is…..



I Stopped and looked around today as we walked from our car to the resteraunt my husband and I were going to.   It was sunny and had a crisp cool breeze which left the smell of change in the air.  The colors are stunning today when just a few days earlier it felt so blah and boring.

Change brings about both dull boring gloomy and intense beauty into our lives.  Most of the time we quit before we see the beauty come forth.   We get tired of waiting through the down times and the times when everything is lackluster and grey.  The times when it’s still and nothing’s happening.  Or the times when the rains and the winds pound over our lives with constant force.   Change is not fun.  In fact Fall is the beginning of the death of the old.   But even during deaths in our lives  Be it a sin he needs to remove or relationship that is being weeded away God doesnt leave us…he will start to paint the most beautiful colors over us and leaving us stunningly beautiful as we experience change in our lives.

nature red forest leaves
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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