It is so quiet as I wait for the door to open and the 16 little feet billow through the door causing the volume to rise.     I have alittle bit of time so I decide to write.   I have been praying for the 13 year old who they believe was abducted in Barron Wi yesterday.  Her parents were killed.  I grew up in Rice Lake and had friends in Barron.  My heart breaks for that little girl.  She must feel so all alone and scared.   I have prayed non stop that Jesus make himself known to her so she has no doubt he is with her. I pray for her protection physically and mentally.  God knows this little girl by name and I believe he is right beside her.  How could our world be so cruel?   AND…JUST LIKE THAT my mind goes back to the evil in this world.   It gets all the attention.  I want so badly for Gods Glory to be seen in the midst of this.  May someone be raised up who spots her and saves her.   God knows right where she is and what is happening.  He knows the situation before the abduction and he knows what will happen after.

I know we think that God can’t see us in our worst and darkest moments.   Things have become too bad.   We’ve done too much wrong.  This is so very untrue.   You are completely KNOWN by God and your whereabouts is never hidden.


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