On the wrong feet


Thinking about boundaries today.   As parents (and nannies 😁) we have the wonderful job of imparting life lessons to our children.   It can be a real pain sometimes.  I don’t enjoy meltdowns in fact they drive me bonkers.  But they are a part of the job for both a parent and nanny alike.    I have to admit sometimes it’s just easier to let them wear thier shoes on the wrong feet.    This happened just today.  One of my little munchkins insisted that thier shoes went like that and did not want to take the time to fix it.  Against my better judgement and because of my lack of patience to deal with the hissy fit that would follow I just said ok…wear them that way.   It was only a few seconds later I heard the screams of a child who had tripped on the road and was hurt, scrapped and super sad.    PART OF ME …wanted to say I told you so.   But the rest of me won over and I scooped them up and showered them with hugs and kisses and explained why we have to wear our shoes on the feet they are made for.

I can’t tell you how many times in my life I have insisted on doing things my own way.  Despite what the bible and christian leaders and family members and friends have said.  Most of all I have had countless times where I heard God calling me to do something and ran the other way and did my own thing.   The bumps and bruises and hurts that I experienced were heartbreaking and painful but mostly humbling.    I would crawl back with my tail between my legs looking down expecting a huge I TOLD YOU SO.   Jesus never did that.  He loved me back to healthy.

As  Christians today it is so easy to look at the world and read what is going to happen to most people as you watch them go down thier destructive paths.  My prayer is that we can do what Jesus does and pick up people who are hurting and bruised and without saying anything gently Love them back to Health and maybe a relationship with Jesus.



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