It is no secret that Christmas is my favorite. I love everything about it. The lights and the music and the colors and the food oh my….the food. I am a gifter…so I love buying gifts. MY HUSBAND on the other hand goes through total shopping horror with me as he reminds me that we don’t need to buy everyone we have ever known a present.

Even though I love this season I have noticed the world has taken a toll over my ability to be AWESTRUCK. How I yearn to have that back. I Do still hear the bell ring all you Polar express fans.
I know that Jesus is wanting that same AWESTRUCK WONDER from us. He wants us to come to him with the faith of a little child. That belief is what he created us for. I am asking for more of that this Christmas. I WANT TO BE AMAZED BY HIS GREATNESS AND CAPTIVATED BY HIS GLORY.

What about you? Do you still hear the bell?

Merry Christmas Lovelies!

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