I am done!!!! I am tired of following the masses of people who are trying to fit into pinterest and social media lifestyle. Your house has to look like this…your wardrobe. like this you must drive this. Don’t eat this…cook like this. Go to the gym so many times a week. You must have this much money saved by this age. As a parent it’s even more stressful. Don’t vaccinate… do vaccinate. Only so much screen time. They must be in this many activities. Then take a picture and document all of it on social media. Striving to be like everyone else is exhausting. Trying to follow mans rules is an impossible task and leaves us feeling worthless. Christian’s are not exempt. We follow the same list of man made rules and wonder why we get burned out. Read this many books attend this many services. We must sing this worship music and volunteer every service. If we wear to much makeup if we wear yoga pants outside the gym. The list is endless.

There is a word for this kind of behavior. It is legalism. So, what is legalism? Legalism is an attempt to gain favor with God or to impress our fellow man by doing certain things (or avoiding other things), without regard to the condition of our hearts before God. At the root of legalism is the sin of pride, because the legalist thinks that he is able to please God by his own good deeds. Invariably, he is only looking at outside appearances not at his heart. Also, the legalist’s pride motivates him to exalt himself in the sight of others by his outward behavior.

The bible talks about this in Colossians 2:8

 See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forcesof this world rather than on Christ.

This does not mean we no longer need to abide by rules or that we stop doing our best  at our jobs or with our children or we stop volunteering at our churches.   It does mean we need to look at who we are trying to please.  Are we trying to keep up with that Mother in our child’s classroom who makes homemade treats for every occasion or are we trying to be noticed for all we do in church.  Do we want people to notice us because it makes us feel more worthy.   If this is the case maybe it’s time to check our hearts and motivations.  This endless striving will deplete us quickly and erode our self esteem.   We need to please God but his rules arent made by men.   In fact the rules he have in place are made for our benefit and growth and do not cause burnout and exhaustion but energize us and equip us for our best life

Be blessed and step away from the pinterest board.   Give yourself a chance to become the best you by God’s design not your social media following.


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