Stop kicking the goads.

This morning I spent some time in acts. I was reading about Paul’s transformation. (Formerly Saul) He was absolutely evil… He did everything he could to kill Christians and to keep the gospel from being spread. Yet, when He met Jesus on the road to Damascus JESUS said something to him that I didn’t understand. Act 9:9 said Then the Lord said ” I am Jesus whom you are persecuting. IS IT HARD FOR YOU TO KICK AGAINST THE GOADS?

What the world is a goad? I knew this was gonna blow my mind.

So a goad is actually a large stick with a pointed end that was used to get Oxen going in the right direction and keeping them from straying. Ya…I know right. GOD was calling Saul a Ox. Yet hold on what I found out is Oxen are actually prone to follow thier master and are usually pretty compliant creatures. So maybe the oxen should be more offended that God was calling Saul one of them. What happens when the oxen don’t want to do what the master says and they kick against the goad. It stabs into them and causes pain.

God had been prodding Saul for along time before this experience ..Saul was rebelling and kicking against it. He was suffering. God gave him so many chances to stop persecuting God and Christian’s yet Saul was being stubborn. Anyone feeling this?

How many times have we been prodded by the father to do something or change something in our lives and we just kicked against it. We spent alot of wasted time bleeding and suffering instead of doing what would be the best for us. I have been guilty of doing this so much and when I finally give in I realize how much time I wasted trying to do my own thing.

STOP KICKING THE GOAD….it is used to lovingly keep us from harm. BUT WHEN WE FIGHT IT WE END UP IN PAIN.

God is just trying to keep us from straying and ending up lost or dead. Why are we so stubborn.

I am going to stop being so stubborn because I am tired of feeling the pain of my actions anymore. How bout you? What are you kicking against.



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