Today is monday and not my favorite day of the week. But today just felt different. There have been alot of aha moments today. These moments of clarity come unexpected and if I am distracted or feeling alittle bit annoyed I will completely miss them. Today I had one of those moments completely by accident. I had been feeling little bit old and washed up. My three boys were busy living thier lives. My husband wasn’t home from work yet. I had my morning routines like breakfast dishes and loads

of laundry in between cups of coffee. I wanted to scream out to God what now..is this all life holds for me. Than I got a text from a friend. Just your normal hows your day text. But something stirred in me. For years my life had been Motherhood. I am even the director of our local pregnancy center and take care of a few children daily as my source of income. My whole world has been wrapped up in motherhood and parenting. I think God was reaching out today and reminding me that I was more than a Mother. I was an individual and unique and had worth besides what I do for others. I had worth and still had dreams and goals and creative outlets that God wanted to develope in me. When we use JUST we put ourselves in a specific category. I am more than JUST a mother. I am more than JUST a wife. I am more than JUST a 50 year old woman.

When You feel the JUST creeping back into your vocabulary it’s time to take a step back and ask God to show us who He says we are. God never meant me to be JUST anything. He didn’t die for JUST anything.


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