Staying in my Lane

So 2022 has brought so many changes in my life. Mostly in my career. I had been working for a small non-profit as the executive director part-time until this last January when I excepted a full-time position. I had been praying for this for so long and when it came to pass I was almost shocked. It has been so exciting and challenging at the same time. I have big dreams for this ministry and sometimes waiting on God’s timing is just so hard. His timing is not our timing this I know for sure. I have found dreaming big can bring disappointments and heartaches. Especially if we do what we think is right before he tells us to. Sometimes it is about wanting His will for your life and ministry and trusting Him and growing your faith at the same time.

Other times it is about GOING FOR IT. Sometimes doing this can require even more faith. I know that sometimes this year I have found myself feeling like I am on a highway and I am behind a car that is just not as motivated as I am to get to their destination. It can be frustrating to say the least. But, getting out of our lane and going around this vehicle before our time can be dangerous. I Know that there is a perfect timing for GOING FOR IT. Sometimes we can stay behind this slower vehicle the whole trip which is what a lot of us do. It is safe. But, we may be take much much longer than we had expected. This will cause us to be angry and maybe even just complacent. I have been in this spot many times. This year God said it was time to step on the gas and move out of our safe lane and move into what God had for us. He has blessed us. Yes the trip isn’t over and we find this same scenario happens again and again. Yet if we follow our GPS (GOD) we will be happy with the trip and will get to our destination in a timely manner and safe without rerouting too many times. When he says Go may we have the courage to step on that gas.

God help us to trust your timing and stay in our lane until you say GO!

Enjoy your Day!


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