Do it scared

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I don’t know if you have ever done something for the first time. Here are some examples. Do you remember during swim lessons as a child standing on the end of the diving board looking at the water below? We know that our instructor is standing right there waiting to dive in to save us. But for some reason we feel like this jump could be our last. What about speaking in front of a group. The minutes before we walk up to to speak our heart feels like it is ready to jump out of our throat. We know that we won’t die from this experience but at the time it sure feels that way.

1Peter 5:7  Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. When we feel that unbearable anxiety how do we handle it? Does it paralyze us and keep us from our God given purpose? Can we use it as a way to do whatever he has called us to do even if we have to do it scared?

Moses was terrified to talk to Pharaoh even though he was his adopted brother. God literally talked to Moses and told him what to do by speaking to him through a burning bush. Don’t we wish God would audibly speak his plan to us today? Trusting God will be with us while we do what he is asking us is hard even when you hear directly from him as we see in Exodus. Moses had to face his fears. He couldn’t get around it or wiggle his way out of it. Everything God asked him to do challenged him to step out and face his fears. I’m sure he second guessed what he was doing and whether or not he heard from God. I’m sure at times he questioned his purpose and his direction. At some point, Moses had to make a decision to follow God no matter what. He had to make a commitment from within. He had to obey God despite how he felt inside. He had to keep pushing forward until his fears subsided and no longer controlled him.
F.E.A.R is really False Evidence Appearing Real. Don’t shut God out because you are convinced He can’t use you. Make a decision today to surrender your fears to God and let Him challenge you to new heights.

He is asking us to obey even when we are scared. Doing hard things with God is still scary but can you imagine doing something without God? I think of the time I went to the circus with my parents and saw the tight rope walker for the first time. I couldn’t believe he was doing something so frightening. But then I saw the net below him. God never leaves us and continues to be our safety net even if we forget at times that he is there.

God wants us to obey him. He needs us to put action behind our faith as well. If we believe and don’t move and do what he says our faith means nothing. Let’s do it scared. We need to take one step at a time even if we can’t see the top of the staircase. God has something amazing in store if we will only trust and obey.

Keep moving Forward.


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