Covenant vs Consumer

So as we often do I was taking inventory of relationships in my life. Am I being a good wife,mother,leader,employee,friend and so on.

I had begun to realize that we have two kind of relationships.

1.CONSUMER RELATIONSHIPS: What can I do for them or what can they do for me. This is a transactional relationship.

2. COVENANT RELATIONSHIPS: I will do what I can for this person. Regardless of time or place or convenience. This is a transformational relationship.

I am looking for more covenant relationships in 2023. Jesus modeled this throughout the bible so many times. The woman at the well was one of the stories that brought this to life to me. John 4: 1-42 tells us this story. The woman had a consumer mindset in all of her interactions. She struggled with people walking in and out of her life once they had gotten what they needed from her. When she met Jesus she was introduced to someone who lived out Covenant relationships. This was something she found unusual and was probably something she didn’t realize could ever be lived out. She had to Trust that Jesus was who he said he was and that he was offering her a real relationship that wasn’t based on something she could offer him but what he could give her. Trusting would be difficult and opening up herself even harder. This covenant relationship was transformational as it offered her living water (Salvation) and connected with her Physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially.

In my Career I work as the Executive Director of a Pregnancy Resource center. I have realized that in order to complete the calling God has given me. I have to have that covenant mindset with all the women that come through the doors of my center. We are called to be a transformational ministry where people can see the love of Jesus and know that Life Choices will stick by their side regardless of anything that happened in their past. Loving as Jesus loves is the only way to have a Covenant mindset in our interactions with our clients.

In my life with everyone I come in contact with I wish to be more like Jesus in this area of relationships in my life. How is your mindset ? Are your relationships consumer or covenant?

I hope you use this as a motivation to do inventory on the relationships in your life in 2023.

Be Blessed!!



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