Johnny Appleseed

During one of my Director’s coaching sessions I was reminded about the seed we are planting as we do the calling God has placed in our hearts. I immediately found myself remembering the wonderful little Disney cartoon about the legend of Johnny Appleseed that my kids and I would watch when they were young. It started off by describing Johnny and it said things like “he was such a sawed off scrawny little fella and looking at him he didn’t look like he would ever be a pioneer.” But it always ended with ” that didn’t faze Johnny none he had his apple trees and work to do.” That little story showed a small man that everyone thought was nothing special and because of his Positive happy spirit and impeccable work ethic he was able to fulfill God’s purpose for him despite what everyone’s perspective of him was and he fed and helped so many people. Even people he will never even know he helped. He would always end up singing the little song my kids and I would sing all the time. “The Lord is good to me and so I thank the Lord for giving me the things I need the sun, the rain and the apple tree the Lords been good to me.” That cartoon taught myself and my children a lot. It showed them that you can make a difference in your world even if you aren’t the biggest or the strongest or the smartest. God chooses who he wants to fulfil his purposes and if he chose you he already knows you can do it.

So what did Johnny do….he planted seeds. Wherever he went he planted apple seeds and moved on and did it again. He did it while people pointed and gawked, laughed and sneered. I am sure he didn’t always stick around to see them produce fruit. In fact sometimes other people would reap the benefits of his labor. Yet, he did it anyway and before he left he had planted more than seeds he had planted his boundless faith, boundless courage and that gave so many people the hope to do what they had been called to do.

“So were wasting time let’s get a going , get those apple seeds a growing there’s a lot of work out here to do. There’s a lot of work to do.” I’m sitting in my office humming this little ditty to myself. So when I get discouraged that I don’t see the the fruit of my labor or if the time or the season has not yet come yet in the Plan that God has called me. I just remember I am planting seeds and there is a lot of work out there to do.

Be Blessed



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