So it’s naptime here…most of you that know me know I watch the most amazing kids fulltime.  We have a blast and we learn from each other.  I never thought I would be doing this as I reach 50 but here I am.  Yet, I am sure this is what God wants from me at this point in my life for some reason.

I totally enjoy our daily walks around the neighborhood.  They love to pick up treasures as we go.  The biggest leaves and tons of pretty rocks and acorns.   Doesnt matter the day one of them will have put something in thier pocket for later.  I have begun to see things in a more childlike manner as I watch them and even find myself picking things up from time to time that look interesting.  Being grateful as we walk our daily journey of life is hard at times but that is why it’s so important to look around with a childlike perspective.  Every day God will leave us a small treasure of wisdom or beauty or maybe just a smile from a friend to brighten our day.  We have to be aware and wide eyed so we dont miss it.  We cant keep our heads down in a frantic pace full of anxiety or worry but we need to keep looking around and asking God what he has for us today.  I Promise you He will not disappoint you.

Keep picking up treasures daily!


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