The best part of waking up…..

So its 5am and I sit here with my steaming cup of wonderfulness and let my mind and body begin to get back in alignment.

I look at my cup….the statement on the cup is so very true to me. I am a extrovert that needs her quiet time. My 5am devotions and prayer time have been my strength and my solace . He is the gas in my tank. My car would come to a sputtering halt without him.


There are days that I wake up and I just don’t want to move. I cant even imagine having 4 small humans running around laughing and whining and screaming. But As that magical liquid pours into my mug and slowly hits my lips and I make my way to my chair and open up my devotions and Gods word it is amazing the strength that starts to return. I have tried on my own strength to make it through my day and it is a complete train wreck. I am stressed and irratable and full of anxiety. I NEED JESUS and a little bit of coffee.   Well the first munchkin is at the door.     Hope your day is amazing.




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