Patience in the process

So the beginning of 2019 has been less than wonderful. Extra stress from financial stuff to sick parents to household problems. Where is God when the struggle is oh so real?

When January 1st starts we all resolve to be better. Better at our health journey. Better at saving money. More understanding in our relationships. Then life come barreling in and steam rolls us over. what are the first things we reach for? Is it chocolate or shopping or do we start ranting at our family uncontrollably. I am being vulnerable now I do them all. What I should be doing is drawing closer to Jesus. I KNOW I KNOW…I feel the eye rolls all over the place. But it’s TRUE. What is our happy ever after. What do we really want? If we are truthful we want everything to always go our way. God is looking for our complete trust. One day these momentary troubles will all have a reason. Is he teaching and preparing us for more? One day it will all be known and it will make sense. The process through our pain is never easy but it is necessary for growth. If we fix our eyes on Jesus during the process eventually it will be over and we will be through the test. Sometimes we cant pray ourselves out of the process of maturing. Sometimes we are being stretched and trained and molded and it’s never easy. But it is always necessary. God never leaves us during the process. But we need to draw closer to him during this time not further.

Galations 6:9 And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

The process is the hard part. But there will be rewards for all this work. Here on earth we will experience our maturity and success of labor. But in heaven our eternal rewards will be inconceivable.

Dont give up!!! Better days ahead.


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