This winter has just beat me up emotionally. The doldrums of the grey skies and the bitter cold mixed with the constant snow and ice. I look at the outside season and realize how sometimes it mirrors my inside emotional climate. So when the first sunny day hits my cold frozen spirit I can feel it soften my emotions. My eyes have shed a few tears the last few weeks and I can’t help thinking that maybe its God melting the frozen parts of my heart that seem to been built up. Sometimes when lifes long winters seem to never leave and we can’t see the end in sight we need to remember God’s faithfulness. He has never left us even in the darkest of times. It is also good to remember that nothing can stop Spring from coming. Spring will arrive and with is new growth and change and amazing opportunities. Let’s get outside and look for the shoots…the little burst of green breaking through the earth reminding us that LIFE still exists. When you hear the birds come back it does something to a person it reminds us that even a little tiny bird can push it’s way back. Though we have been beat upon by the cold and windy and icy bursts of winter we know that soon the process will begin to bear fruit. Don’t think that it won’t come that God doesn’t see your struggle. HE DOES AND HE LOVES YOU. It is time to throw on those puddle boots and splash in some puddles. Let the Joy return. LAUGH!   

Your faithfulness extends from one generation to the next! You set the earth firmly in place, and it is still there. PSALMS 119:90

There is absolutely nothing that will keep Change from coming…. noone has power to stop spring from showing up.


Be blessed

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