A letter to 2019

Dear 2019,

As our time together is coming to an end I wanted to make sure I reflected on some of our time together.

First off I know we have had some rocky moments. TImes where we werent always happy with each other. I know times were confusing and downright frustrating.

YET, there were more times full of happy memories and love and I am so greatful for each of them.

Though we had our rough spots I have learned so much from them. They have taught me to have faith in my Heavenly father for protection and provision. They have taught me what happens when we lack motivation and procrastinate and when we have drive and work hard.

All and all we had a good year. Thank you for everything you have shown me this year. As I meet 2020 I hope it will show me even more than you have and we have a much greater relationship full of wonderful times and memories.



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